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radiage-03Unlike prior generations, today’s young adults are proactive about their health and appearance. They want to look as young as they feel. With increasing numbers, our younger, more active patients are having the early signs of aging such as “crows feet” and frown lines. They are requesting non invasive, non-surgical procedures that have little if any down time.

Radiage is one of the latest non-ablative procedures for skin rejuvenation. It is not a laser. It is a Patented Radio Frequency System. The advanced Cool-Gel incorporates a cryo-gel to cool the skin’s outer surface while the RF energy slightly heats and modifies the soft tissues beneath the skin. This causes the collagen to contract and thighten. This is an office procedure that is quick with virtually no down time. You can go back to work immediately.

Benefits of Radiage over other procedures & surgery

• It is non-invasive. There is no incision and no tissue damage.
• A level of control can be achieved that is difficult with other treatments.
• There is no bleeding or bruising and the risk of scarring is minimal.
• It can be combined with other rejuvenation modalities.


Basically, there is no recovery time as necessary in invasive cosmetic surgery. You may resume all normal activities immediately. Sligh redness may be seen for less than an hour and no more than 24 hours. The full effect of your treatment develops over a few months following the procedure and can be expected to last for one to three years. This varies from patient to patient. As with any cosmetic procedure, the results can be expected to fade gradually over time, at which time the procedure may be repeated if desired.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Radiage safe?

Yes. Radiage has been improved and refined over years of experience with improved treatment methods and applications of RF energy. Ellman has marked its RF energy devices since 1969.

Is it painful?

Radiage can be performed without any anesthesia, however some patients may want oral medication for the heat sensation. When Radiage Wand is energized, patients feel brief, mild to intense heat in the treatment site followed by the immediate cooling effect of the cryo-gel.

What type of results can I expect?

Facial skin and the skin along the neck can be tightened providing a mild, non-surgical browlift or facelift effect. This treatment is often used for sagging jowls. The tightening effect may be used to firm up loose or sagging tissue in other parts of the body such as he abdomen or legs. Most patients see results immediately. However, the results may be gradual over a three to six months period as the skin tightens and more new collagen is formed. Depending on the area treated, the skin laxity and your desidered results, more than one treatment may be required.

How long will Radiage results last?

Treatment results last from 12 to 16 months. Your skin will continue to age as it has in the past and eventually you may wish to have another anti-agening procedure.

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