Labioplasty / Labial Reduction / Vaginoplasty

Labioplasty, also known as Labial Reduction is offered at our clinic. It is commonly performed at the same time as vaginal tightening surgery, and in fact is considered a vital part of female genital refinement.

Labioplasty involves the surgical reduction of the labia majora (the lips on both sides of the vulva) and labia minora (the lips at the entrance of the vagina) of the female external/internal genitalia. It can also treat asymmetry.

Labioplasty is for women aged 18 years or over who wish to have normal sexual appearance or function. Whatever may be the cause of the enlarged vaginal lips, there is no generally accepted nonsurgical solution to this condition.

Thick or large labia may prevent women from wearing certain clothes that could reveal their condition, such as tight shorts and pants. Tenderness and irritation of the labia from constant contact or friction can also be a source of remarkable discomfort, making biking, exercising and even sexual intercourse unpleasurable for women.

Undergoing labioplasty or labial reduction may improve a woman’s self esteem and general happiness by reducing the size of the labia so that no protrusion of the labia minora exists. Removing excess skin from the vaginal lips and labia will expose parts of the genitalia that are responsive to sexual activity, and may thusly increase the chance of sexual gratification.

Any incisions created during the outpatient labioplasty surgical procedure are extremely fine and placed within natural folds and creases. Once they heal into scars, they will remain hidden in these folds to create an appealing appearance that enhances the natural contours of the genitalia.


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