What are the symptoms

You may not have any symptoms in the early stage but with time you may start feeling burning, itching and pain. At a late stage your skin may turn dry and scaly with swelling ankles. Like anything else the longer you wait the worse it gets.

What causes varicose veins?

The development of varicose veins is hereditary. There are a lot of other causes varicose veins for example in women hormonal changes, puberty, menopause and pregnancy play a very big role. Another very big cause of varicose veins is standing for long periods of time.


Sclerotherapy damages the inner lining of the vessel by use of various solutions injected into a vein. This allows scar tissue to develop this leads to getting rid of the vein eventually. the injection you will receive will be with a small needle that causes very little discomfort. Sometimes when the solutions are injected there may be a miner burning sensation there is also the occasional cramping of the muscle near the area injected but it usually stops in a few minutes. Sclerotherapy is the perfect treatment for small and medium varicose veins. For bulging veins, the treatment of choice is ambulatory phlebectomy. Ambulatory phlebectomy involves excising the bulging veins through tiny incisions under local anesthesia. For tiny veins that are too small to be treated through surgery or sclerotherapy, laser therapy using the Nd:Yag or IPL therapy is recommended.



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