Laser Hair Removal


At the Canadian Institute for Laser Surgery we have several hair removal lasers. Come in and see which one is best suited for you.

Sonata Diode Laser

The FDA approved Sonata Laser brings simplicity and ease to laser hair removal. With its lager spot size and up to three pulse/sec speed, the Sonata can safely and effectively treat unwanted hair; even some red and blonde hair types. The Sonata can also treat all skin types, including dark and tanned skin colors. Its unique combination of overlapping pulses selectively heats the hair follicles without damaging the skin, this plus an integrated cool sapphire tip helps to provide maximum patient comfort and safety.

The Sonata uses gentle light to damage the hair follicle This disables the follicle from growing hair, which means that gradually over several treatments, there is a permanent reduction in the amount of hair in that area.

The Sonata is one of the safest laser hair removal systems available for all skin colors. There are no long term health hazards from the light used in Sonata.

Each Sonata treatment will result in less hair coming back, as well as hair growing progressively lighter, finer, and smaller with each treatment. Most people achieve desired results after 6-8 treatments. Lighter colored hair may require more treatments than darker colored hair.

The treatments are usually performed every 4-6 weeks, but this depends on individual factors.

This is the ultimate solution for unwanted hair!

Aurora-ELOS™ System Effectively Treats All Skin Colors!

The new AURORA™ system from SYNERON uses a technology called ELOS™. It combines Optical Energy, which heats the hair shaft and Radio Frequency, which heats and coagulates the hair follicle itself. This hair removal method is safer because it is not affected by skin color; it also works better to deliver satisfying, longer-lasting results. The Aurora System successfully treats those with any skin type; in some instances, it has even been successful for those with tanned skin. With this technology, patients can enjoy safe and effective hair removal results.

The AURORA-ELOS™ system not only removes unwanted hair, it also can be used for rejuvenating the skin of the face, neck, chest and arms. Most patients will need anywhere from 6 to 8 treatments in order to achieve smoother, younger looking skin with satisfying, longer lasting results. Whether you’re looking to remove unwanted hair, or looking to achieve a smoother, healthier complexion.

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