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Over 90% of our patients achieve their desired results without surgery.

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Our mission at the Canadian Institute for Laser Surgery is to provide patients with the most innovative, beneficial, and easiest recovery procedures currently available at the best possible price. Our focus is on providing our patients with a plan based on the 4 R’s of facial aesthetics:



Relax with Botox


Refill with Fillers


Repave with Lasers and Radiofrequency, Peels, and good Skin Care


Repair with surgery when needed

We also offer:

Eyelid Reduction Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

For more information on Eyelid Reduction Surgery (Blepharoplasty): Click here.

Botox and Restylane for Wrinkles (Fillers)

For more information on Botox for Wrinkles: Click here. For more information on Restylane for Wrinkles: Click here.

Velashape/Velasmooth for Cellulite

For more information on Velashape/Velasmooth for Cellulite: Click here.

Facial Peels

For more information on Facial Peels: Click here.

Blu-U/Levulan Photofacial/Acne treatment

For more information on Blu-U/Levulan Photofacial/Acne treatment: Click here.

IPL/Laser Photorejuvenation

For more information on IPL/Laser Photorejuvenation: Click here.

Hair Transplantation

For more information on Hair Transplantation: Click here.

Smartlipo/Laser Liposuction

For more information on Smartlipo/Laser Liposuction: Click here.

Varicose Vein Treatment

For more information on Varicose Vein Treatment: Click here.

Skin Resurfacing

For more information on Skin Resurfacing: Click here.

Vaginal Rejuvenation

For more information on Vaginal Rejuvenation: Click here.

Laser Hair Removal

For more information on Laser Hair Removal: Click here.

Laser Tattoo Removal

For more information on Laser Tattoo Removal: Click here.

Earlobe Repair/Skin lesion/Cyst Removal

For more information on Earlobe Repair: Click here. For more information on Skin lesion/Cyst Removal: Click here.

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